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Best Online Resources for Designers and Content Creators

Designers (Graphic, Web, UX, etc) and content creators are faced with all sorts of day-to-day challenges. Luckily, the internet contains lots of useful resources for almost anyone in any field to use. These range from graphic design resources, to Web Design Resources, to Video editing resources, and many more. While some of them are free, you will have to pay for others. This article is a breakdown of the best Online Resources for Designers and Content Creators.

We’ll look at the best online tools/platforms that you can use to make money or hire talent. We will look at different types of design categories and the best platform for each category.

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Best Online Resources for Designers and Content Creators

Fiverr (Freelancers)

Benefits to Businesses

Fiverr helps you find the perfect freelance service for your business. It helps you find quality services at every price point. Within minutes, you can find the right person to work on your project. Fiverr empowers entrepreneurs to connect with professionals who can assist them do more for less.

Benefits to Freelancers

As a content creator, Fiverr can help you find skillful people to do for you the things that you don’t want or can’t do. For example, Voice Overs.

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Canva (Graphic Design)

online resources for designers and content creators Canva allows you to Collaborate and Create amazing graphic designs for free. You can create all sorts of designs ranging from Logos, Posters, Banners, Flyers, Social Media Posts, Presentations, Business Cards, and many more. There’s a free version and a subscription plan that allows you to download images with transparent backgrounds.

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Envato Elements (Content Creation)

online resources for designers and content creators Envato Elements helps you bring your ideas to life by providing everything you need to get creative projects done. They offer unlimited downloads to more than 55 million digital assets with simple licensing in simple subscription plans that you can cancel at any time. Envato elements offers different plans and pricing; There’s an individuals plan, students plan, teams plan, and an Enterprise plan. You can also create a free account that will give you access to TWELVE FREE FILES every month. Get graphic, web, and video templates, audio, photos, and more resources to help you finish your project faster.

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Pixabay (Royalty-free Stock and Images)

online resources for designers and content creators


Get more than 2.3 million high-quality stock images, videos, and music that you can use anywhere. Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives who share copyright-free videos, music, and pictures. Even more, all content is free and safe to use without permission or giving credit to the artist.

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Best Online Resources for Designers and Content Creators


Get incredible stock footage that you can use anywhere, anytime, and best of all, Worry-free. For just $25, you get over 20 million clips with simple licenses and worldwide distribution

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Storyblocks (Stock Videos)

online resources for designers and content creators Storyblocks helps you meet the growing demand for video, with subscription plans that give you unlimited stock downloads, flexible licensing, and an easy-to-use video editor. Even more, just creating an account gives you access to Storyblock’s video editor.

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Speechelo (Text to Speech)

online resources for content creators and designers


This one allows you to instantly transform any text into a 100% human-sounding voice-over in just 3 clicks. It includes both male and female voices. Moreover, it works in English and 23 other languages. It will work with any video-creating software including Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, Audacity, etc.  

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wpmet (WordPress Themes and Plugins)

wpmet wpmet offers high-quality WordPress plugins and themes that are aimed at looks and performance together with unrivaled customer support. They offer simple, creative themes and plugins for the WordPress platform.

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Do you know of any other useful Online resources for Content creators and Designers? Those are some of the most useful online resources for designers and content creators alike. Even more, they can be used by students, agencies, and businesses. I hope you found something useful. Find some more guides here.

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