Best Apple Watch Apps

The Apple watch is awesome right out of the box, but you’ll want to add a few apps to really get the best out of it. Apple’s Series 5 wearable is a true marvel, but you need to expand horizons a bit to find out just how useful it can be. The following is a list of some of the Best Apple Watch Apps we just can’t live without. Some are free while others are not, but each one of them is worth your while.

Best Apple Watch Apps


Shazam has become the number one app in identifying music. Apple acquired the firm in September 2018 and has not done much with it other than remove ads from the app, which made it better. You just tap the Shazam complication and the app loads up immediately and starts listening. You can even use the iPhone app to go through the history of songs you have identified and add them to Apple Music or Spotify. The ability to identify songs on your wrist allows you to use it a lot more than having to pull your phone out.


Automatic sleep tracking is one very important feature that is missing from the Apple Watch. Fortunately, you can easily add this feature using apps like AutoSleep or Pillow. Of the two, we feel like Pillow has more features beyond the ones related to the Apple Watch and a better interface. It also supports the new complications of the Apple Watch Series 4. It’s technically free but you’ll need to purchase the Pillow premium in-app purchase to make good use of it.

PCalc Lite

I find it weird that there’s no calculator app built into the Apple Watch. Probably because calculator watches were sort of the first ‘smart watches’. PCalc comes with a great Apple Watch App and is our favorite advanced calculator app for iOS. It has a Pro version that costs 9.99 pounds, but if all you want is to add a calculator to your wrist, we recommend the free version. The pro version with advanced features and customization mostly benefits iPhone and iPad users.

CARROT Weather

There are a lot of good weather apps out there. Carrot Weather brings together excellent weather forecasting, numerous customization, an AR mode, and achievements. It was one of the first third-party apps to utilize the new corner complications on the Apple Watch Series 4. It also gives you a card on the Siri watch face. The only downside is that, in addition to the 4.99 pounds price tag, you will be required to subscribe to a Premium Club membership for 49p per month or 3.49 pounds a year. This cost covers the increased API usage of its data sources for features like precipitation warnings.

Night Sky

Have you ever looked up and wondered “what planet or star is that?” then this is the app for you. It has several slick AR modes, Siri shortcuts, notifications for watching the international space station fly overhead… You just raise your wrist into the sky and move it around to find and identify objects in the sky. When your watch is down, it becomes some kind of compass that points you in the direction of things worth looking at. It’s magical.


This is a really awesome public transport app. It helps you plot trips, give you bus times, alerts you of service disruption and so much more. Just a glance at your wrist and you can see where to go next, which train or bus to get on, and when it’s coming. You never have to take out your phone at crowded bus stops. Unfortunately, it relies on public transport data so it’s only available in a few cities.

Things 3

Things 3 is an attractive, simple, clear, and easy-to-use, task-managing app. It makes it easy to jot down a new task, clear what you have to do today. Most importantly, it stays out of your way the rest of the time.


For sports fans, the Apple Watch is a great device for keeping up with the latest sports news and scores. theScore app is our favorite way to do this. It’s completely free and easy to customize. It will keep you up to date with sports news and scores for all your favorite teams. The app allows you to view in-game action, plays, live-score-updates, and also view upcoming games, right on your wrist.

Just Press Record

In this app, you press a button and it starts recording, press it again and it stops recording. For this you’ll pay 4.99 pounds ‘Just Press Record’ is awesome. It transcribes speech to text in more than thirty languages and syncs to iCloud. It can record directly into your watch even when your phone is not around then sync up later. Other features include Adjusting the volume with the digital crown, Start recording with Siri, playback recording through AirPods or your watch speaker. You’ll realize how useful a one-touch recording feature is when you get it.

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These are just some of our favorites. Please let us know if you know of any other awesome apps for the apple watch.

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