5 ways the Snapdragon 855 changed Android Smartphones

The Snapdragon 855 processor, is the chip that powers 2019 Android flagship phones. It is faster and more power-efficient than the 845, but what’s really important is how it changed Android phones beyond speed and battery enhancements. Here are five more ways in which it changed Android.

Download speeds are a lot faster

The 855 has some serious improvements of its own. It is 802.11ax ready, for up to 14GBits/s Wi-Fi, almost five times the 3Gbit/s that was offered before, coupled with a directly integrated 2Gb/s LTE modem.

Next-level gaming

Phones like the Asus ROG Phone II and Razer Phone 2 are evidence that mobile gaming is no longer an oxymoron. Qualcomm said the Adreno 640 GPU brings a 30 percent improvement in performance compared to the one in the 845 chip, with HDR gaming capabilities as well.

Sound is used for secure unlocking

The Snapdragon 855’s Hexagon 690 digital signal processor took AI even further. First of all, the chip now handles voice commands on its own without a battery hit, making them faster and more secure. Furthermore, the DSP, which uses sound instead of light to read your fingerprint, helped bring to reality the next generation of in-display fingerprint sensors.

Improved video-shooting quality

Qualcomm developed a new ISP called Spectra for the Snapdragon 855 chip, that brings a collection of video and photo enhancements to your phone’s cameras. The most notable being that it’s able to handle depth-sensing at 60Hz, allowing 4K HDR video capture in portrait mode. It means you can capture and map moving objects with the ability to blur the background same as with photos.

Your photos consume a lot less space

To reduce the amount of storage space that images in our phones consume, the Snapdragon 855 switched support from JPEG to HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format). Images now take up about half of the storage space they took up before without losing quality. Google Photos and Android Pie support the new file format.

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