5 features that set LG OLED TVs apart from others

Hello there. If you’re in the market for a new TV, I’m here to tell you why an LG OLED TV is most probably your best choice right now. LG is one of the TV and Monitor makers with the best OLED technology.

The C Series OLED TVs is one of the places where they most shine. In this article, I will give you five features that set LG OLEDs apart from others.

5 features that set LG OLED TVs apart from others
Best Image Quality and Sound


OLED technology is arguably the best Screen tech on the market.

What is OLED technology and what makes it so special? Let me explain. LG OLED displays have 8.3 Million self-illuminating pixels that can turn on and off individually.

This means that when an image has black, you get perfect black. This feature makes it a dream TV for professional film makers who want to see the videos and images they produce in their fullest glory.

Amazing Color Accuracy


LG OLEDs support most HDR formats like DOLBY VISION, TECHNICOLOR and HDR 10. Basically, this means that you get to see colors in their richest, most vibrant, and most accurate form. In addition, there are different calibration modes to fit your needs, depending on what you’re using the TV for.

Wide Viewing Angle


Most TVs look washed out the further away you’re sitting from the dead-center of the TV. However, with the LG OLED, no matter where you’re sitting the image remains vibrant and contrasty giving all viewers in the room, regardless of their sitting position, the same great viewing experience.

Sleek Look

This might not be quite as important of a feature, but it’s definitely a selling point that the TV just look good. The display is incredibly thin, being thinner than an iPhone. This always gets a rise on people who have never seen an OLED display before and it’s a good thing to show off to your friends.

Voice Control and a Magic Remote


The magic remote is not like other remotes. It allows you to wave the remote around like a wand and click on things with a pointer arrow.

In addition, you have voice control, which means that you don’t have to spend minutes typing movie titles. You just click the voice button below the mute button, tell the TV which movie/TV Show you want to watch, and you’re good to go.

Those are my five favorite features of LG OLED TVs and why I choose them above other TVs. Read more about LG OLED TVs on the official LG Website.

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I hope you found this useful. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Remember to share this post with your friends, Thank you. Also read more product reviews on TheDetechtor.

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